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Fun Square Wire Earrings Tutorial

Using square wire instead of the usual round wire changes the look of designs.  Check out this fun square wire earrings tutorial (no longer available) over on Beading Times which turns a simple dangle earrings into a swirly design.  The tutorial was by Carol Ladine Lagoski(who passed away back in 2011).

If you find tucking in the wire ends tricky, try using crimping pliers!  Needless to say, you can make these as long or as short as you wish!

Here's a challenge - can you adapt this design and make it your own?  I can see some possibilites such as additional swirls or different anchor points.

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  1. I absolutely love those earrings! I'm at work now and I have such an idea to add to your sharing, I can't wait to get home and put it together! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I made a pair of swirly earrings for the fun of it around 2011 and hung them on the rack for selling. As soon as the shop opened - they sold!! I was incredibly pleased and shocked that they sold so quickly.

    This means of course I should do a series of them - right?? :0)


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