When I first spied the Beadalon Bangle Weaving Tool, I bought it! This clever tool was invented by British designer, Kleshna Handel. It is a great tool for claspless bracelets and is versatile enough to be used with a variety of materials. I've selected a few tutorials here so you can see it in action.  This basic tutorial by Beadalon demonstrates how to use the tool using beading wire.

As you can see, two different colors of beading wire are used effectively. Crimps are used to join the two wires at the beginning and at the end. Additional beading wire is used to replace the warp rods.

The tutorial doesn't cover how beads are added. These will have to be prestrung and then introduced in the weaving wherever you want them to be.

The inventor herself shared this awesome upcycled denim bangle tutorial using her tool. You'll notice she uses two bodkin needles to re-warp. The benefit is the same as with twin needle work in beading - much faster!

Kleshna also shared her felt bangle tutorial using her tool. I really like it when she brackets softer material with wire.

I also like this wire bangle with gemstone bead clusters designed by Cheri Carlson. Very pretty! It uses copper wire rather than beading wire.

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