This tutorial by Mylene Hillam over on Mill Lane Studio is doubly clever. The main trick is to pour resin in a THIN layer so that shapes can then be cut out.   The marbled effect is simply swirls of additional resin dyes to a base color. Usually one would mix them together thoroughly but leaving the color as swirls is much more fun!

The textured effect is created by pouring a thin layer of resin onto the texture mold.  You will need to apply mold release if you are NOT using a silicon texture mold.

The resin will be hard to cut out if you pour too thick a layer.  One tip is to consider cutting out the shape after you let the resin cure for just 12 hours.  Handling the resin then will not leave fingermarks.  You do need to let the cut shapes cure fully afterwards.  Another 12 to 24 hours or so.

Another way to clean up the cut edges is to use several grades of wet-dry sandpaper working from coarser grits to fine grit for a smooth finish.  If you have a rotary tool of some kind, then the job gets easier and quicker.  Try not to inhale any dust!  That is why it is great to work with wet-dry sandpaper.

Mylene says this is a great way to use up leftover resin and I totally agree!

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