Even if you are not a Royal watcher, you can't but help notice the Duchess of Cambridge's choice of simple yet elegant jewelry.  This is someone who has access to fabulous jewelry pieces from the Royal Collection.  But understated is her style preference.  One of her favorite earrings is these lovely pair by British designer, Annoushka Ducas.  She wears them a lot.

The design is actually a combination of the Eclipse Porcupine hoop earrings with point up (upside down) set diamonds and Classic Baroque pearl drops.  This designer has lovely combination hoop earrings.

The designer said, "Kate epitomizes what I see when I design my jewelry in terms of the way I want our clients to wear it – from pavement to palace."  Watch the video for a peek inside Annoushka's store.

There are all types of jewelry out there to suit many tastes.  But dainty jewelry seems to be the most popular.  Why do I say that?  Check out Craftcount's jewelry category which shows Etsy's top sellers. Many of them specialize in simple, elegant pieces!


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