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Floral Resin and Wire Jewelry by Margarita Zimina

Remember the exquisite Japanese kanzashi hair jewelry by Japanese artist, Sakae?  The wire and synthetic creations were mind-blowing.  Here is another impressive floral resin and wire jewelry artist - Margarita Zimina from Istra, Russia.  Margarita makes not just hair jewelry but also earrings, brooch and pendant.

It's hard to pick which of her designs wows the most.  The hummingbird on a hibiscus hair stick designs are the most intricate.  If you check out the alternative photos in her listing here, you will see the actual scale of her work. Be amazed!

Margarita is both a trained architect and artist; her skills are evident in her stunning designs.  She has mastered the use of a thick resin material in which the wire work is dipped into.  Her unique coloring technique is impressive.  Highly inspirational!

Chinese lantern earrings 
Hibiscus brooch
Purple lilac hair pin
Silver Poppy hairstick
Dandelion brooch
Cornflower brooch
Lily of the Valley brooch
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  1. Her work is absolutely mind-blowing. So true to life - and so gorgeous!! I looked at how tiny these actually were - Wow!!

    I only noticed the price of each one after looking at them closely - and didn't bat an eye! I think they are appropriately priced for the work and the skill put into each.

    I just wish my hair would hold something like that beautiful lilac. You know how much I love lilacs!!

    1. I would be afraid to wear any. They look not only gorgeous but delicate!

  2. She is an amazing artist. I have never seen such a thing and would have never thought of doing it. They look so elegant and some look real. I am mind blown.

  3. Holy. Toledo. What amazing little sculptural works of art. Stunningly beautiful! :)

  4. Those are truly incredible works of art!

  5. seriously wow. I love working with resin as it is versatile but I had no clue that you can use it to make something this beautiful


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