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Hollow Polymer Clay Pendant Tutorial with Cut Outs

Polymer clay is a versatile art medium.  So if you haven't yet tried it, this tutorial might be the one to inspire you to do so. Mo Clay's hollow polymer clay pendant tutorial also teaches how to use texture plates, simply cut outs and forming a hollow form.  All very easy to do. The result is a marvelous pendant design.

I am a fan of getting just white or a light neutral color for either polymer or resin clay.  You can always color it yourself.  The instructor here uses both mica powder and a liquid pigment.

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  1. What I love about polymer clay is not only all the colours available and then all the colours you can make by combining them - but - also the versatility of it. You can make virtually anything out of polymer clay. Making something hollow is a very attractive idea because it takes away from the weight of polymer clay.

    Lovely design. Her soft colours are very attractive in this pendant.


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