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Modern Beaded Ring Tutorial

Looking for a modern beaded ring tutorial? This one might just do the trick. Instead of the usual round focal, this one is stacked high.  It reminds me of some resin ring designs.  This lovely design called the Lyudmila Ring is by Larisa over on

I always credit the designer although I fear Larisa might just be the translated name from the actual Russian one! At least Larisa is what the grateful commenters used!

It is going to be fiddly working with small beads on this ring design. So tension is going to be very important. You will also have to figure out the ring size to fit.

If you need the page to be translated, follow these instructions. Computer users : Use the Chrome browser, right click anywhere on the page and select "translate to English". Mobile device users : Download the Chrome app, add the URL. The app asks if you wish to translate.

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  1. Oh my that's pretty! I wonder if I could get a beader friend to make that for me! Love the gemstone colours but I'd be changing the beads to silver.
    I have rings that are in this shape and I really like them because they are unusual...and that's me in a ring size (nutshell)...

    1. I too love this simple style. Very striking. I will have to try making it for myself as I like it too!


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