It never fails to surprise me just how many love the look of Yoola Design's style of wire crochet or ISK (invisible spool knitting) technique as she sometimes calls it.  Many of you loved her Cleopatra ring design tutorial kit which was the star of last week's giveaway. A contemporary style which definitely doesn't need a stone to shine.

One thing with wire knitting like this using a crochet hook is the need to practice.  If you are just getting a kit for the first time, make sure you practice. Also work with 1 mm - 1.5 mm hooks to start with. The larger hook size is more forgiving for beginners.  You do speed up as I myself have found. I still use a 1 mm hook most of the time.  As some of you have found, it is addicting!

Marija said, "You can even do this while traveling - no thousand seed beads falling all over the place."  I also like doing this on long car journeys. Indeed the tube which I created for my design was done on such a trip!

Lorraine said, "I have a set of Yoola's looms and this technique is much easier than the viking knit and more versatile."  I agree. One critical difference is with this technique, you can work off the spool whereas with Viking knit, you have to work with sections of wire.  But sis5of11 says, "I find her technique to be fun and easy, though I will never give up Viking Knit as I think they are very different techniques for very different purposes."  I am not sure I understand why, but the look I think is slightly different when you compare the two.

So who won?  I numbered all the eligible entries and got the random number generator over on to do the picking. And the winner is GaryandJoanRupnow.  I presume it is really Joan that is interested?  Congratulations!!

Yael is also running a special promotion just for you until the 27th of December. This one week code for 15% off anything on Yoola Design  is "BeadinggemYOOLA". It cannot be used with additional discounts.

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