We may not have very much in the way of expensive jewelry.  But if you do have a few items or sentimental pieces beyond price, then it's best to keep them somewhere safe in the house.  Preferably somewhere hard to find. So check out this inexpensive safe tutorial for storing your precious jewelry. It is  by The King of Random on Instructables.

The tutorial goes over how to cut into drywall and insert a plastic electrical  gang box in the space between the studs. (Note:UK readers will not be able to do this). Covering it with outlet plates creates the illusion of being just an ordinary electrical source.  There are some variations to the idea including using an existing cable outlet.

But what if burglars see this tutorial?  Well, just think of how many outlets you have in your house!
They are often opportunists - picking easy targets.  Once in, they don't have much time.  So pick an unlikely location, preferably behind furniture.

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