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Learn How to Make Dutch Spiral Beaded Ropes!

There are many types of spiral stitches.  So time to cover the Dutch spiral!  It is a peyote tube modification in that there are sections of beads (called swag or bridge beads) which are not stitched.  First up is this excellent introductory tutorial by Gail Nettles of Beaded Jewelry Diva .

Her wonderful bracelet and necklace Dutch spiral designs in this tutorial really show off those swag or bridge beads!

It is tricky at the beginning. If you do have trouble, consider learning from Lisa Yang's simplified Dutch spiral tutorial.

Here are more jewelry tutorials.  Check out Jill Wiseman's Dutch Spiral bracelet tutorial. Useful to know how to add the clasps.

Kelly of Off the Beaded Path uses larger crystals in her design tutorial. She also shows the addition of a different kind of clasp - the button and loop.

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  1. I find this style necklace gorgeous but I don't think that I will ever have the patience to work with those tiny beads.

  2. It sure is a pretty stitch. It shows off the beads nicely.

  3. This stitch is beautiful, Pearl! It looks like my next weekend project. :)

  4. I made a Dutch spiral, for my mom,using both Jill Wisemans and Kelly Dales videos. Oh my gosh, I'm not really sure why I even made it because I wasn't overly impressed with the way the bracelets look in the pictures. But mine turned out so beautiful! When I got it done I didn't want to give it away lol. I guess I just had a sixth sense that it would look different in real. The tutorials made it so easy to do and the project works up fairly fast.


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