Natasha Bouey is a Californian designer who has a marked interest in science. As you can see from her Etsy, NBDesigns, her science inspired torch fired metal clay jewelry pieces span different fields. Chemistry geeks will love her Erlenmeyer flask pendant, shown below.  As with many of her designs,she adds little relevant details like a heart and those "bubbles" - they represent super nucleation!

Her E. coli bacterial colonies in a petri dish earrings below also show how the oxidation of the fine silver after torch firing enhances the details of her small designs.

Petri Dish Earrings
I also love how she uses scientific text and illustrations as the photographic backgrounds. Most appropriate!  This pendant represents the mitochondrion (plural mitochondria), a very important organelle found in all eukaryotic organisms (eg like us who have nucleated cells). Mitochondria are our cells' energy source. Mitochondrial DNA is one small piece of our DNA which is inherited only through the female line. Thus, an important way to study human and population genetics.

Mitochondrion Pendant
These earrings below are Natasha's interpretation of T-even bacteriophages. Bacteriophages are viruses which infect and reproduce inside bacteria. They look like miniature space landing modules!This design is definitely for immunologists and microbiologists!

Phage earrings
Embryology covers the study of prenatal development of different species. In humans, embryology also includes the study of congenital disorders before birth.

Mouse embryo
DNA ladders are the products of a visualization technique called gel electrophoresis which estimates the molecular weights of snippets of DNA.  A different take on DNA besides the double helix, eh?

DNA ladder earrings
I like how she substituted the nuclei of atoms with hearts :
Atomic love earrings
Natasha's work is remarkable for the scale she is working in. Her designs do show her love of all science!

In her studio - pieces before torch firing

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