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Clever Cut Out Beaded Bangle Tutorial

This bangle "tutorial" posted by Nyria over on caught my eye. If you look carefully, you will see what looks like cut out areas with beaded bridges.  What a pretty and unusual effect.

It is not really a full tutorial but there is a diagram which shows how the bangle is constructed on the flat. The tube shape is then created by "zipping" up the sides.

Tension is very important. Do you add the bridges before or after the zipping part.  I think the former to ensure the cut out areas are not distorted.

Has someone done this before and can share your experience?

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  1. You know I haven't done this before but I can see why this caught your eye - it is very pretty!
    It can obviously be done in any colourway but those shades shown are so perfect!

  2. I do love the openwork. But perhaps some people would not.

  3. I haven't done this particular piece, but judging from the diagram/pattern, you would need to add the bicones and additional delicas during the zipping-up step. These five beads would go in the space where there is nothing to zip.

  4. Is this peyote done the full length of the bracelet or brick stitch?

    1. You can use either. But remember the previous comment, add the "bridges" during the zipping up step.


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