Lillian Chen is known for her amazing 3D wire work. She has a wonderful sculptural crystal ring tutorial over on WireJewelry. Her sweeping style takes advantage of the original curves of the wire as it comes off the spool.

She works with thicker wire.  This tutorial uses 14G wire.  Not many bead holes are large enough. Check out this Fire Mountain Gems resource guide which shows you what beads can take which wire gauge. It is not a comprehensive list but it gives you an idea.

So you may have to find big hole beads or drop the gauge down to 16G. Or even better, make your own custom beads from polymer clay and other forms of clay. This is a good solution especially if you are not keen on blingy crystals.

Practice with something like Parawire but I would use precious metals not plated wire for rings which are going to be worn a lot.

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