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Easy Rainbow Beaded Necklace Tutorial

Need something quick in the beading line?  This easy rainbow beaded necklace tutorial might just be the one for you. The tutorial is by a Turkish beader who calls her youtube channel, Takı Tasarımları (Jewelry Designs).

The design jumped out at me because of how the designer used different colors for the swags. The off white beads which form the structure can be substituted for black ones for evening wear.

The use of 8/0 size seed beads makes this quick to do. If you can get charlottes (faceted seedbeads) - even better!

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  1. This could be done in so many different ways.

    I bet it would feel really nice on snuggled up around your neck and the beads laying out...

    Nice one!

  2. Love the look of this beadwork necklace. However I've never been able to follow video instructions very well, expecially if there is no narrative to explain what is being done. Yes I realize that the narrative would be in a language that I would not be able to comprehend but wish the designer had a step-by-step still picture tutorial or diagram of the beadwork pathways, it would certainly help dummies like me. :)

    1. I have learned through trial and error lol (lots of error) that even if the tutorial is in a language I don't understand if I put the CC on I can at least understand the sizes of beads they are using and have taken screenshots of more intricate patterns to look back at. It helps me to see it stopped instead of trying to catch it in movement. Hope this can help you out a little.

  3. It is a beautiful necklace and yes, you could make a statement evening necklace out of this design!


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