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How to Make a Stacked Paper Ring Tutorial

John Ahr shared this fun tutorial on how to make a stacked paper ring using any kind of paper . It is really easy to glue up a stack of paper with the adhesive in between the layers.  What a great way to use up magazine paper! Or small scraps of scrapbook paper.

He uses a 2 part fast setting resin adhesive such as Loctite 5 minute Epoxy.

Note the orientation of the paper stacks - you will have to choose depending on how you want to display the layers.

He doesn't actually demonstrate the use of tools for cutting out the rings. You'll need some sort of saw and a drill with a bore close to the right size.  I would use a Dremel (or flex shaft if you have one) and sanding wheels to make quicker work of the sanding process.

I actually asked John what he used. He said he "used a jewelers saw, wax file, metal files, sand paper and polishing equipment to finish the rings. Honestly, you just need to use whatever you have on hand to speed you through the cutting and forming process. As I said in the video, this project takes some time to complete. And, you really need to think like a sculptor. If you have experience with wax carving, this shouldn't be too difficult to accomplish."

Even if you aren't able to cut out rings, consider cutting out simpler shapes like rectangles, round or oval pendants!

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  1. another piece of equipment you will need is a respirator. Sanding any sort of resin causes a lot of dust that you do NOT want to breath in. Most resin I sand underwater, but not sure that would work well with the paper if it isn't fully saturated by the resin.

    1. Totally agree. I usually wear an N95 mask which filters out very fine dust as I am severely allergic to fine particulates.

  2. Oops - somehow I published before I finished. Meant to say: Very thorough tutorial and clearly explained. He makes an excellent teacher/ instructor. The rings are quite pretty and unique.


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