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Make a Stamp or Mold with a Handle | Moldable Plastic Tutorial

Making your own stamp or mold means you can create original designs especially from natural material like shells.I really like this tutorial to make a stamp or mold with a handle! The tutorial is by Caroline Dewison (Blueberribeads) over on Art Elements.

Many people also use DIY silicone putty such as this one by Casting' Craft to make the necessary impressions.

You can use the molds you create for all kinds of clay projects - polymer clay, metal clay, resin clay etc.  The handle helps hold the mold especially for stamping actions.

The moldable plastic route is cheaper if you just want a little to try out.  There are many brands of moldable plastic. This one, InstaMorph  costs just $10 for 6 oz.What's more, if you make a mistake, you can reuse it by reheating it in hot water.  This is something you cannot do with silicone putty.

Got you thinking, right?

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  1. I think it's a brilliant idea.

    I can imagine how easy it is to stamp with instead of holding the others in your hand. You could even give this one a whack if you wanted to deepen your impression.

  2. This is good to know but I have to research where (and whether) I can find the necessary materials in Bulgaria. Recently, I made my first experiment with polymer clay and if all goes well and my interest in it doesn't fade, I will need texturing tools. I was thinking metal buttons, actually.


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