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Zig Zag Jump Ring Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

Zig zag jump ring and beads bracelets are very popular. Simple design and quick to do. Some time ago, I wrote about one tutorial which uses seed beads.   Oksana of Oksana+Hobbies shared another approach with larger beads and a knotted bead and loop closure.  This blogger is bilingual so the instructions are both in English and Russian!  She also has an Etsy store.

As one reader said before, a better option would be to use closed rings. If not, make sure the jump rings you use are closed tight with no burs sticking out to catch clothing!

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  1. Easy enough - although my preference would be to use a black cord with those dark beads....

    Like the finished product quite a bit!

    1. Yes, I would use black cord too but it is really up to people!

  2. Indeed, sometimes one can't understand a tutorial well enough - I've seen this design explained before but never succeeded to make it. Later, I learned how at a jewelry making course and it is just as explained in this tute :)

  3. Excellent tutorial by a very talented bloggerr--"a picture is worth a thousand words"


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