The designers behind Cellar Door Shoppe is a mother and daughter duo who love and collect all sorts of vintage tin and china as well as Depression era glass.  What they do is convert their collection into unique jewelry.  They also share their Etsy store.   Tanya, the daughter specializes in vintage biscuit and candy tin jewelry.  Shelle is the mother who creates jewelry from broken china and vintage glass jewelry.

What they both do with their respective media is to hand cut the sections they want and then it is on to hand sanding all the edges.

Tanya explained, "We both basically started 2 years ago, there wasn't a whole lot of jewelry that fit our personal styles, so we decided to make our own, like they say 'necessity is the mother of invention.' Usually inspiration comes from the design on the plate or tin itself, just trying to showcase a bit of the design although some larger art pieces have been inspired by art periods/ movements such as art nouveau and deco, to atomic and pop."

Tanya shows off her creativity in how she cuts out the vintage tin sections.  I particularly love the mountain necklace shown above.

Sometimes, lucky finds could be turned into unique pieces. One example is her zodiac Leo pendant below.

Tanya's tin collection
Shelle does not use the tinning process to cover the edges unlike other artisans. So some of her work is "frameless" as can be seen from this cut out from Currier and Ives design plate. 

She is also skilled at hand cutting pieces so they fit just nicely into different bezels as you can see from the next three designs.

Peacock Ring

Blue Willow bracelet

Depression Era Glass pendant
Their work allows people to wear a little bit of history! It is no surprise they take custom orders so they can turn family heirlooms and tin collections into something that can be seen rather than hidden away, collecting dust!

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