Did you buy some molds?  They come in handy for all sorts of techniques - resin, resin clay, polymer clay.  But concrete? Yup. It works. Just check out Rachel of DIY in PDX's concrete and gold leaf jewelry tutorial.  She deliberately picked gem shapes. The gold leaf work makes them extra glamorous!

You only need a small amount of concrete. So save this project for when you are making something larger for the garden and then use up the leftover! That's what Rachel did when she used concrete for some of her craft projects.

I do this with resin work which also sets with time -  always have some backup ideas to work with so you do not waste material.

Gold leaf like this craft type like this craft type is applied on after the concrete is set. It's not real gold leaf as that stuff is expensive. See this post which explains why.

Another alternative to regular concrete is  Shapecrete.  All you have to do is add water to it. It works like clay - you can mold it, shape it, roll it, sculpt with it etc. It will dry into a hard concrete in 24 hours without baking.

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