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Knotted and Beaded Leather Bracelets by BarbSmithDesigns

The Queen of Diamonds
Barb Smith of Tucson, Arizona says "Bracelets are my favorite piece of jewelry, especially more unique pieces that aren't usually found in your local department store!" Good thing she is a whiz at designing and making unique beaded leather bracelets!  Her Etsy, BarbSmithDesigns  showcases her work which combines knotted leather cords with handstitched bead work.

She demonstrates a talent for putting together the best of two techniques. Her professional finishing is such one cannot tell where she starts and ends the leather cord work!

Madam Butterfly in Mornach Blue

She offers a variety of styles from light and airy designs to more solid pieces. Barb tells me her two most popular designs are "The Queen of Diamond" and "Twisted Sister" bracelets.  I found it hard to pick my favorites from her wonderful store.

The Dainty One in Black and Copper

The Weavy One in Knots
The Biker Babe with Silver Chain

Twisted Sister
The Celtic Queen in Black

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  1. We love her use of TierraCast buttons! We've seen her designs pop up on Pinterest and pinned them to our "Buttons" board. Wonderful work! :)

    1. You are so right! Those buttons really make her designs pop!

  2. What gorgeous designs! She is incredibly talented isn't she!

  3. Incredible work! Her attention to detail is amazing.

  4. Beautiful and intricate! Knotting is not my strong side, I always forget how to make them or they end up uneven but I like the look :)

    1. Yes, they can be awkward to make evenly. Barb is amazing!


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