Lisa Niven Kelly named her 12 strand wire braided bracelet the Mermaid bracelet because it is based on the fishbone hair braiding style. Her tutorial makes one major modification since this is wire and not hair!  There is a core foundation - a length of 14 G wire over which the thinner wires are braided. The ends of this foundation wire is formed into loops for clasp connection and fastening.

The tutorial is not suitable for beginners.  It will require not just some experience with wire but practice and the willingness to make small adjustments.  Lisa covers how to finish the bracelet and how to make the clasp.

The wooden tool she uses is called a ring clamp.

You do not have to make a bracelet.  Towards the end, Lisa showed a wonderful inspiration where she incorporated the braids into her necklace design.

Yes, you can add beads to this design - just add a bead to the relevant wire before you braid it.  You will need to use more wire if so.

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