Making your own linking connectors out of wire creates unique chains!  Just check out this lovely free copper chain bracelet tutorial by Cindy Wimmer over on Craftsy.  Her idea of using 2 pen barrels to form the oval is brilliant!

Alternatively, I wonder if making a round shape first using an appropriate sized round mandrel (find one around the house) and then squashing it down will work?  Must try this myself.

In order to get consistent loops, either mark your round nose pliers (see this post on how to do so easily and quickly with metal gauges) or use round bail forming pliers like this one. Bail forming pliers come in several sizes. I've found the large and then the medium ones to be the most useful.

The designer used some contrast silver wire to decorate the chain bracelet. Consider wiring in some beads to fill the interior space of each component.



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