Kumihimo is a clever way of doing intricate braids because the non-working multiple strands are held in place on the disk or plate in a particular order. This technique is also relaxing to do.  Most people use cord but you can definitely use wire too.  These awesome wire kumihimo bracelet tutorials are by British jewelry designer, Christina of CSLdesigns.

She not only uses wire but also combines beads and wire weaving for the spectacular tutorial shown above.

The wire kumihimo part for the above design is taught separately here.  This basic square plate tutorial is very adaptable. If you do not wish to add wire weaving, you could use this bracelet as it is.  Perhaps finish the ends using end caps for flat leather bracelets?

Her twisted beaded round wire kumihimo bracelet tutorial uses less beads for the spiral effect.

This fully beaded kumihimo tutorial is accomplished with a square plate which results in a flat braid. Another stunner, don't you think?

You can still get a flat braid using the round disk if you don't turn the disk around as you normally do. Christina's wonderful two color flat braided bracelet shows how it is done.

I also love her two hollow wire kumihimo bracelets.  Her clever use of a hook and a dowel helps maintain the hollow core as the wire is braided around the wooden stick.  Both bracelets uses proper end caps which makes the finish much nicer and avoids the use of glue as she does for some of her tutorials.

The hollow wire kumihimo bracelet tutorial has beads inside the core gives a pop of color.

More challenging is her multi-strand hollow version :

You might also want to check out this book, the Art of Wire Kumihimo at your local library to see if the projects there inspire you in different ways.

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