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Needle Crafted Polymer Clay Jewelry by StoriesMadeByHands

I am always impressed with the fine motor skills of many jewelry designers.  One stellar example is Serbian Magdalena (Lena) Pavlovic whose store StoriesMadebyHands shows her ability to manipulate tiny bits of polymer clay.

You could say these are needle crafted polymer clay jewelry such is her deftness with this small tool.  See the family Christmas tableau on her finger tip in the last photo below.

Lena is actually a physical education coach and teacher. She said she is "Always in search for a new adventures, and making jewelry is the only thing that calms me down and keep in one place." She can indeed stay very still for a normally active individual.  Her one of a kind work is clearly nature inspired with a strong emphasis on florals.

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  1. Wow huh?! Absolutely impressive!! What an eye for detail.

    I found myself did she do that?

    Just gorgeous work.

    1. She has amazing talent for miniature work for sure and steady hand to eye coordination!

  2. Wow! When I first read this I thought the top ones were Easter eggs and was impressed. After looking at all of the pictures several times it dawned on me that they are actually tiny and sitting in the palm of her hand. Just makes them even more amazing!

    1. Blows my mind too! I would not have the patience to work with such tiny bits of clay.

  3. Like others have said, "Wow"!! These really are fantastic. The detail is outstanding.


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