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Kinga Balogh, the Hungarian designer behind Cirrhopp is a whiz at upcycling unwanted materials. She recycles different kinds of materials like t-shirts and PET plastic bottles into colorful recycled jewelry and accessories.  Hers is a unique approach to creating jewelry from carefully washed soft jersey materials. These textile jewelry are perfect for those with metal allergies. Baby-proof too as there are no small beads involved and the jewelry is washable.

She has a great sense of color.  I particularly loved how she photographed and presented her designs.

You can also see  more of her amazing hand painted upcycled PET bottle earrings and necklaces on her Facebook page, CirrhoppRecycle as well as this Hungarian blog post.  She also sells her PET bottle earrings here.

If you are very lucky enough to live near her and can attend her Budapest workshops, she teaches how to make upcycled jewelry as well as fabulous sandals (the latter in conjuction with Franka).

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  1. I love everything she does! Her colour combinations are outstanding.
    I always admire people who take our castofffs and spin them 'into gold'.

  2. Beautiful!!! And I was JUST in Budapest!! If I only!

    1. Now you know and can plan for your next trip, right?

  3. Thanks dear Aims and Tracey! If you are in Budapest, tell me and we can do workshop together. Regards, Kinga aka cirrhopp


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