I don't know about you, but I have a lot of gemstone and glass chips looking for a project or two of their own!  So I was delighted when I saw Pru McCray of Prumihimo's gemstone chip kumihimo bracelet tutorial. This British designer specializes in beaded kumihimo jewelry.

Her tips on how to cull a gemstone chip strand for the right kind of chips are helpful.  This is important to make sure that resulting bracelet is not too irregular and that the chips sit more or less snugly together.

She uses S-lon thread but does not mention the size.  So you will have to experiment to get the right size depending on how small the chip holes are.

The tutorial quickly covers the basic round kumihimo steps and the all important bit about pushing the chip into the work properly. (If you are a total newbie, check out her simple kumihimo tutorial if you want a longer explanation).  You do not need to buy a fancy kumihimo weight if you want to save some money. Check out my square plate kumihimo tutorial and see what I used!

I like how she did the braiding before and after the gemstone chip section. This allows you to finish the ends.  Pru's tutorial on how to finish with glued on end caps also covers the various types of glues and their relative merits.  I prefer to use Super New Glue (not the regular super glue) which is very strong but sets super fast! This liquid glue will easily soak into the thread binding you sew in rather than the more awkward and messy toothpick method with other glues such as the 2 part epoxy adhesive she uses.

She also covers the alternative finish using wire with end caps or cones with holes in them.

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