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Bohemian and Flower Crochet Jewelry by Maya Kuzman

Maya Kuzman is a Macedonian crochet designer who makes both Boho and pretty flower crochet jewelry.  She admits she is "deeply and incurably in love with crafts." She also sews and knits but it was her crochet jewelry which caught my eye. She does express herself very well using colorful yarn and brilliantly adding metal components for her distinctive designs.

Maya grew up in a "crafty" family who all valued handmade. Both her grandmothers were skilled in crafts such as sewing, crochet and knitting.  Maya said, "Having been hooked by the wonderful crochet creations that leapt into life through the magical hands of my grandmother I became deeply enamoured with the enchanting ‘twist and turn’ dance of the yarn with the hook. I love crochet because it is my tool to capture and express the fairytale-like world that I feel within myself."

She now sells her Bohemian crochet jewelry as well as her floral creations. Her Etsy store, Sewella offers her unique tutorials.  Shown here are just a few of my favorites.

She also sells PDF tutorials for many of her designs in her Etsy store, Sewella.

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  1. I should really just bite the bullet and sign up for a Michael's class on beginner crochet. I feel like I am missing out. (I didn't have anyone to teach me when I was younger and I have established through much trial and error that I am incapable of learning to crochet from books and videos. I have taught myself knitting and loom knitting, but crochet eludes me.)

    1. People learn in different ways. It is clear you benefit from a real live instructor! Perhaps there are knitting and yarn groups in your area? Besides Michaels.

  2. I have been Maya's work for many years now and I find it truly inspiring and beautiful

  3. She certainly does the crochet world proud!

  4. Many heartfelt thanks from my excited and humble self for this wonderful feature Pearl!
    It's been a real pleasure and honor!

    1. Thank YOU for being such an inspiration and for showing us the potential of crochet jewelry.


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