There are many ways to make wire wrapped rings. Some are easier than others. This tutorial is one of the easy ones which you can do in a very short time frame. Sounds good for the busy jewelry maker with the gifting season ahead.

It's based on the marvelous open frame rings from Nunn Design which I received for review. I haven't seen them sold in some of the suppliers I use but you can get them whole from Nunn Design.  The frames come in hexagon, round and square shapes.

I also used 26 G Parawire for the wrapping. Note that the ring and wire are both plated.  So the complete ring is suitable for occasional use only.

I also used Swarovski montees. I found the SS30 size (just over 6 mm)  just about fits the square open frame ring but will not fit the round ones. You can always use smaller sizes like the SS28 or SS29 if you like the crystals on the larger side.  I stepped down to a SS16 (about 4 mm) montee for the round open frame ring.

Cut 2 lengths of wire, each about 5 inches long.  As you can see, montees have two channels.

Placing the wire ready montee such that it is central in the open space. Wrap each of the wire ends around the frame several times.

Flush cut the wire end and tuck it inside the frame with your chain nose pliers.

The larger montee fits inside the square open bezel - there is still space to wire as above.

It is trickier though to trim the wire. Try doing it from below the bezel.

As I couldn't quite fit my chain nose pliers for the tucking in process, I used a pair of tweezers instead.

Easy peasy, right?  Have fun!

I do receive a small fee for any products purchased through affiliate links. This goes towards the support of this blog and to provide resource information to readers. The opinions expressed are solely my own. They would be the same whether or not I receive any compensation.

I used natural light, my iPhone 6S with the ProCamera app and the Modahaus TS400 tabletop studio and a ceramic tile for final product photography. The tutorial pictures were taken with the same equipment but with artificial lights in my windowless basement studio. Check out my How to Photograph Jewelry Webinar .

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