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3 Wire Wrapping Crystal Point Pendants Tutorials

Crystal point pendants are popular. However, they often do not have holes so some sort of "cap" is needed. Here are 3 wire wrapping crystal pendant tutorials to inspire. They vary in style and easy of making. Pick the one you fancy most! They make great gifts.  The first one is by Aubrey Bouck. It is in two parts - Part 1 and Part 2

It is a free form wire work design. A little involved which is why the designer used tape to help hold the work in progress.  If you cannot ball wire ends with a torch as she does, then consider forming little wire scrolls.

The second design involves wire weaving. It is by British designer, Lily-Tree.  I particularly like how she formed the bail which also covers some of the top of the crystal.

As with all these tutorials, make sure the wire work is snug on the crystal otherwise it will fall out.

The third tutorial is by Australian, Liz Kreate. She uses the "hippy twist" technique to hold the top of the crystal. The rest is just wire flourishes to finish the design.  Some of the design ideas can be seen in the image from the video :

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  1. I really like the look of points as a pendant and all of these would make a point stand out.

    If you were really worried that your point was going to fall out of your wrap a inconspicuous dab of glue wouldn't hurt... :0)

    1. LOL! I totally agree! A little dab of glue is worth the piece of mind.

  2. I find 2 part epoxy is the best for keeping points in place and it dries crystal clear like glass


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