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Book Review and Giveaway : Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry

Paper quilling is an old art. Thin strips of paper from the gilded edges of books were used in the Renaissance to decorate book covers and other religious items. The craft has become very popular of late. It is not hard to see why. Paper is inexpensive and quilling results in lovely intricate patterns reminiscent of fine metal filigree jewelry (see this featured designer) without having to solder wire!

I first came across quilled paper jewelry when I stumbled upon Ann Martin's work 8 years ago.  This paper craft designer writes the All Things Paper blog. She had just begun her quilling journey and came up with two beautiful quilled jewelry tutorials which I featured here.  Paper jewelry is now so much more than glass tile adornment, origami and paper bead making.

I recently received Ann's new book, The Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry from Interweave/F+W Media for review.  Ann's 20 projects - pendants and earrings - show that very few tools are needed for this craft. Today, quilled paper comes in tons of different colors.

Needle and slotted tools are typically used as with the glue, tweezers and jewelry findings. She also suggests the different types of glues used to hold the designs together. The gilding of the edges of the coils and scrolls gives the metallic touch to her designs.
Some quillers use shape templates or special quilling boards like this one to make consistent sized structures. But Ann does not.  Her instructions show how she creates them by manipulating the coils and scrolls with her fingers. The marquis shaped designs were my favorites.

Her book also covers how to protect and care for the jewelry pieces.  Her tips on how to store and transport the are invaluable. Ann also said, " I always tell recipients of my paper pendants and earrings to treat them as they would any fine jewelry : last thing on, first thing off, and never take them for a swim."

Ann avoids glossy fixatives as she prefers the paper as it is. However she does suggest a matte varnish to brush on.  I think a spray varnish might also be possible.

One striking design is the one where the quilled paper design is attached to a metal pendant blank (below)  This combination has so much potential as the metal will not only add to the design but will also make the quilling more durable.  Thinking ahead, if you wish to embed quilled paper designs into resin, you must protect the paper with varnishes first or else the paper will become translucent.

This pair of earrings below shows how stunning quilled paper designs can be!

This book certainly inspires especially if you love beautiful intricate designs. Quilling is yet another remarkable craft which can be adapted for making jewelry.

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  1. This would make a great Christmas gift for my Mom, as she's expressed interest in learning to quill.
    kcookman (at) hotmail (dot) com

  2. Such stunning work! Would love to win this book and learn her secrets. Thank you for the chance!

  3. This looks amazing! I would love to win this book.

  4. I've admired quilling for a long time but have been afraid to "put my toe in the water." This book would inspire me and give me guidance in trying a new skill set!

  5. I've used quilling to create book covers. I never thought it could be using in jewelry making. I would love to own this book.

    1. I am already inspired. I'd love to learn a new skill and incorporate it into what I currently do!

  6. This book looks amazing. Thank you for the opportunity.


  7. Who knew paper could be made into such beautiful jewellery!! Not me before. Love it. I'm a blog follower, subscriber and facebook fan, I can be reached at

  8. Looks very interesting - would love to win.
    langerfeld (at) twc (dot) com

  9. The fall is a perfect time to explore new ways to make jewelry. This book is bound to get the creative juices flowing.

  10. Quilling (much like tatting) is such a beautiful ancient art that was almost lost to us as most people passed it by for easier and less intensive projects to make.

    When I first started reading I was thinking - oh yeah - quilling. As I scrolled down and looked at each piece I was bowled over by the incredible beauty and detail and I could envision wearing them and being incredibly proud - waiting for people to notice...know what I mean?

    Each piece is absolutely stunning. Like others I think it would be a wonderful thing to learn and probably incredibly satisfying.

  11. Sure would like to win this, because I
    have a great interest in working with this

  12. Oh Lord more techniques to enjoy...Thank you Pearl
    Blog follower:

  13. I have been in love with the All Things Paper blog for years, and I would LOVE to win this book! All Things Paper is an amazing place to become familiar with every type of Paper art, and I have been introduced to some amazing artists through Ann’s blog. Ann is to the world of paper arts what Pearl is to the world of beaded arts, in my opinion!

  14. Love working with paper, and make jewellery.
    So this would be the perfect combination!

  15. I love quilling. Back in the mid 70s my mom and her friend practiced quilling creating beautiful pieces that they framed. My dad was a printer so he cut quilling paper, they packaged it and tried to revive the art back then. I'm really interested in how to make quilling paper into jewelry that would stand up to time and wearing. Pick me, please!! Thanks for an awesome give away.

  16. I love the beauty and flexibility of paper which I’ve used in infinite art projects. What a lovely idea to use for jewelry as well—makes total sense!

  17. I want to learn how to do this.

  18. A Student of mine has just started a business of creating quilling jewelry. I would love to win it and give it to her

  19. This has been on my to do list for a long time. I would love to win this book and give quilling a try. Her work is outstanding.

  20. I love quilling and have several items which are quilled. I would love to learn this skill and be able to make jewelry.

  21. I started quilling when I was pregnant with my first child and would love to see how to incorporate it into making jewelry. Thank you for the giveaway!

  22. Greta gdmar@comcast.netOctober 18, 2017 at 3:41 PM

    OMG. These don't even look like they are made of paper. They are fabulous! I must try this. Hope I win the book. Thanks Pearl.

  23. I’ve always been fascinated by quilling! I’d love to learn this new art form!

  24. Another winning review Pearl. This book looks so interesting and the jewelry is WONDERFUL. Beautiful and interesting designs. I would Love to win this contest and may just have to buy this book. So many people have metal sensitivities and or health issues where weight can make items unwearable. Ann has definitely created a winning book here.
    Subscriber and follower.

  25. Trying to figure out quilling on my own and fell in love with these designs in the book. I would love to win this. Thank you. rocknutzaz at yahoo dot com

  26. I have been wanting this book for awhile. The jewelry looks fabulous! Janine at.

  27. Also followed you on FB..


  28. Looks like a great book. The designs are very intricate.

  29. I had never heard of quilling before this post and am very intrigued. I'd love to learn how to do it. I love origami and book making, and of course jewelry-making, and this book seems like a great next step in my journey. Great post!

  30. This would be awesome to win I have never tried quilting but I would love to so I can make some beautiful items and help recycling my paper.

  31. I'm an email subscriber


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