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Copper Electroformed on Polymer Clay Jewelry by Annie Laura Handmade

Copper is an incredibly versatile metal especially for jewelry making. Bonus, it is also inexpensive unlike some of the other precious metals.  You can use wire and sheets.  You can also etch it or as in the case of Annie Laura Handmade, deposit the metal on polymer clay via electroforming. See all her marvelous designs on her Instagram.  She is also on Facebook.

Copper electroforming can be done on a great many things provided the core remains solid and does not change the pH of the copper electroforming solution.  This designer has also done it on an oak leaf.  Copper is typically deposited on a conductive surface. Since polymer clay is not conductive, a coating has to be first applied. You can see how Sherri Habb uses silver conductive paint and graphite to coat the edges of sea glass before copper electroforming it giving the pieces metal bezels.  

Annie Laura makes beautiful organic style designs.  One outstanding piece is her polymer clay cabochon which was turned into a gorgeous copper electroformed ring.

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  1. I have wanted to get into electroforming for awhile and have Sherri Haab's kit from Rio Grande on a wishlist. Never thought to do it on polymer clay. My idea was to 3D print things and electroform over those. Some great ideas in this post, thanks!

    1. Thanks for letting us know about her kit on Rio Grande.

    2. I too have the kit in my cart. Trying to learn as much as possible

  2. The rings are super gorgeous - me wants :) :)

  3. I too have thought about electroforming (weird that my spell check thinks that's the wrong way to spell it - duh!)

    Sneaky Burrito has me heading over to Rio Grande to check out Sherri Haab's kit - thanks SB!

    Electroforming (again with spell check) over polymer clay is a brilliant idea! Since you can create almost anything with polymer clay then adding copper via electroforming would be wonderful! To me it would be like soft soldering almost...sort of....well whatever.

    To see the copper forming must be such fun! Like being a chemist almost!

    Thanks for this post Pearl. It's time for me to get back into the studio and play!

    1. I agree is a great alternative to soft soldering, sort of.

      Have a good play!!

    2. Haha, I have a PhD in chemistry and I think all my random interests in patinas, electroforming, etc., are a way to get back into that since I am out of the lab (I am working at a patent law firm right now).

    3. LOL! Like you, I too am out of the lab (retired analytical toxicologist) so I love mixing things like resin work etc!

  4. Copper is such a lovely metal. What wonderful designs.


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