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5 Unisex Adjustable Thick Cord Bracelet Tutorials

It doesn't have to be paracord. You could use thick cord to make some awesome unisex adjustable bracelets.  These will be lovely for men who like to wear this style or women who aren't into blingy, ultra feminine jewelry. I do like this unusual loop closure tutorial by CbyS Paracord and More.

It is apparently a Mad Max inspired design.  I wouldn't know as I have never seen any of the Mad Max movies!

This is a classic macrame bracelet tutorial with an adjustable closure. It is again by CbyS Paracord and More. What is different is the tip of adding a large hole bead at the ends of the cord rather than a knot. Adds a bit more color to the design!

You might also like the double sliding knot version of the macrame bracelet as shown by Red Ted Art. Very fast to do.

This fishtail weave bracelet also by CbyS Paracord and More features just a single tightening cord.

The Weavers of Eternity Paracord Tutorials has a fishtail bracelet DIY which uses a knotted ball as part of the closure. The knotted ball will take some patience to work through!

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  1. I note that the trend these days is an armload of bracelets worn all at once. These would certainly fit that fashion!

  2. Thank you for these. I wanted to try something like this but have focused on other styles. Strangely or not, I know someone who likes to wear these when camping. The techniques for tying them was also something I wanted to learn. Two thumbs up!


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