I agree with Pru McRae of Prumihimo. There are two main ways to deal with the multiple cords at both ends of kumihimo. Either you hide them inside end caps or you use the loose ends as a feature.  My past tutorial on a square plate kumihimo bracelet tutorial uses a button as a closure. The ends though, were simply knotted with a dab of glue.

This British designer has a different take in that her tutorial uses the bar of a regular toggle clasp instead on a button. Her bracelet is also for a round braid.

I particularly like how she neatly creates just a single loop at the start. Also good is her clever tip on how to use ordinary crimp covers to finish off the ends of the cords.  I recommend using Super New Glue (not the ordinary kind of super glue) as I have not come across the brush on type of super glue she uses on this side of the pond.

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