This tension set gemstone wire ring tutorial by Peter Keep of Jewelry Advantage is so clever in its simplicity. The ring is created from a 16 cm piece of 15 G round wire which has the ends soldered together. The large ring is then compressed so that the two rounded ends are interlocked. The gemstone is then held in place with those ends acting as prongs.

There is quite a lot of manipulation and force needed to forge the shape of the ring.  I wonder if might be best to try this on thinner gauge.  But it was inspirational to watch this artisan meticulously work at getting it right and finishing the ring properly.

A word of warning before you watch the video. If the sound of fingernails scratching on a chalkboard or an utensil scraping on a plate makes you grit your teeth, some of the sounds of filing and the drill in the video might well irritate you as well as it did me. Strange, when I have seen so many other video tutorials with filing and drilling which did not bother me before.

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