I was perhaps not clear last night when I announced changes for email subscribers.  Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have had to move to truncated posts. Many were confused with what that meant.  One reader emailed me to say that she wanted pictures and information.  That you still have!

As you can see in the emailed post image above, the critical information still gets to you - the main picture and some information.  If you like to read it in full, then click on the "read more" link.  I realize it is an extra step especially for daily email subscribers but I hope you will understand.

I also suggested that readers switch to weekly newsletters (every Friday) if you find daily emails too much. Just unsubscribe and resubscribe on the subscription box on the right.

The weekly newsletter is a series of truncated posts. These will be of great benefit as you do not have to scroll as much to see the individual posts. It makes for a less cumbersome newsletter. And again, you can choose to click on which relevant post you like to read.

If you do switch to weekly, please choose the right box when resubscribing.  Don't leave both boxes checked otherwise you will get both daily and weekly. See below!

Truncated posts are everywhere.  In my Facebook Page :

And for all my Bloglovin' subscribers :

You just click and open what YOU like to read.

Still confused? Or having email delivery problems?  Please email me at pearl@beadinggemcom.
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