I lived in England for some years. Cobblestone streets always looked charming to me. And in some places like Cambridge, the streets remind me of Diagon Alley from the Harry Potter books. So this cobblestone inspired loom beaded bracelet using Czech farfalle beads caught my eye because of the texture and look.  The tutorial is by Helena Chmelikova.

The instructions confused me for a bit. I couldn't immediately find what "F" was until I realized that is what they referenced farfalle beads with!

Also different is the way the designer worked in thread sections, tying off the ends at the side. I suspect it is because some tension has to be applied to bring some of the beads closer together to maintain the pattern. If you look carefully, the columns are not straight.

I also liked how she wove thread at the ends to form a "fabric" for attaching the clasps.

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