Have you ever tried making bead crochet ropes?  If so, you will know how tricky it is to get started on the tube.  Here are a couple of ways to tackle this awkwardness.

1. The first tip is from beadcrochetlessons where a Philips screwdriver (or Allen keys) are used to help maintain the tube in the beginning.

5 Great Bead Crochet Rope Tips and Charts

2. Sharon of Knot-Cha-Cha suggests using a starter tube.  The starter tube may not be pretty, but the real section will be!

3. Fusion Beads has a tutorial on how to make an invisible join. This is so you can turn the bead crochet into a continuous rope for a bangle or claspless necklace.

4. Fire Mountain Gems has a very useful chart for matching bead sizes with yarn or thread thickness
and needle and hook sizes.

5. There is a difference between slip stitch and single crochet bead crochet. They look similar unless you know how to tell them apart. The first one, slip stitch,  is most commonly used - see this video tutorial by Candice Sexton.  However, there are advantages to using single crochet.  Reckless Beading has a great post on the pros.

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