Making your own findings really adds to handmade designs. They can be all wire or or you add beads to compliment the jewelry piece.  Check out this lovely wire wrapped toggle clasp tutorial by Abby Hook (her surname is a great example of nominative determinism - I have one too! see this past post)

Those big wraps made at the bottom of the small loops are particularly well done!

The coiled wire work is especially attractive.  The wire gauges used as 16 G and 24 G.  16 G might be a bit thick for a beginner to work with. So make sure you use soft temper wire like copper.  Work slowly - rushed wire work usually leads to imprecision.

Also remember that wrapping with thicker wire looks better. If you are tempted to change to 26 G or 28 G for the wrapping, the final design will look finer and may not be as appealing as the toggle clasp made by the designer.

Rachel Murgatroyd's tutorial (no longer available) is very different but lovely nonetheless. Hers is for delicate designs. The wire work here is also simpler to do with thinner, dead soft wire (18G ). You can also attempt this in 20 G if you scale down the size and are using it for light bracelets.

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