Celtic knots are ever popular in jewelry designs. Check out these two awesome Celtic knot wire bracelet tutorials by two British instructors.  This wire woven one is by Christina Larsen of CSLdesigns.  As you can see from the tutorial, Christina bends two pairs of woven wire lengths into two.  She then interlocks the U parts. Carefully. The trick with working with very soft wire is to work slowly so no undue bends and kinks are created.

The colored beads are easily added after the interlocking is done and wire weaving proceeds along the straight bits. Lovely finish at the clasp ends.

Not up to wire weaving?  Check out Theresa of Lily-Tree's Celtic necklace tutorial.  This is a very different look with no wire weaving. But 3 lengths of 18 G soft copper wire are manipulated together to form the knot. As with the previous tutorial, slow and easy does it is the trick to getting it right.  This instructor also shares a Celtic knot element in the handmade clasp design.

We tend to associate these types of decorative knots as Celtic used in Irish and Welsh Christian designs. However, "the use of interlace patterns had its origins in the artwork of the late Roman Empire."  

Now you know.

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