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Elegant Superduo Bracelet and Earrings Tutorials Rocks in Different Colors

I like beaded jewelry designs which do not take ages to finish.  Yet, I want them to be pretty too. So this elegant superduo beads bracelet tutorial by Bead Diagrams fits the bill! It is versatile both for color and for other modifications. For example, make it all white for a bridal piece. The designer gives many suggestions for color combinations in her diagrammatic tutorial.

The 6 mm round beads can be gemstones if you wish. 

Note that this pattern suits both Superduos and Twin beads as their differences do not matter.  Check out this excellent article by The Spruce which goes over their similarities and differences.

There is also a tutorial for matching earrings. Make them long or short!

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  1. Hi. Am trying to find the tutorial for the earrings, but when I click on your link, it just takes me to The Spruce and I can't find the tutorial. Pearl, your assistance locating the earring tutorial will be appreciated.

    1. Hi Bobbie, That was my error. I have now linked to the right place. Please try again. Have fun!


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