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Outstanding Wire and Bead Heart Earrings Tutorial

I've seen and featured plenty of wire heart tutorials before (see links below).  But this wire and bead heart earrings tutorial by Penny Dixon is a standout! There is plenty of time to make a pair for Mother's Day or save it for another special occasion!

The tutorial starts with a tear drop wire frame. Remember to work harden it by hammering before adding the embellishments.

I recommend using 26 G wire for adding the beads instead of the more delicate 28 G used in the tutorial. 26 G is not only more visible but sturdier.  There are sections of wire loops which do not have any beads so a stronger wire is better.

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1 comment:

  1. I just love these! The colours - the shapes - the beads!

    When I first saw them I never noticed the beautiful swirls at the top of the tear drops. My eyes were overwhelmed with the colours. But those shapes just add to the overall beauty of these earrings.

    Great tutorial!


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