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How to Make Swirly Polymer Clay Jewelry Tutorials

I can't remember who was the first person who came up with the swirly polymer clay technique.  Perhaps one of you knows? Tell us in the comments. (Update : readers have been quick to point out Desiree's tutorial.  Thanks!)  Here are a couple of tutorials which show how the spiral effect can be achieved. The first one, by The Craft Hacker,  exploits the spiral effect and glitter for a cool galaxy look.

This fun technique does require practice as the perspex plate has to be kept level and the rotation done on the spot and in one direction.

I found Cindy Lietz, a Canadian polymer clay instructor very helpful in explaining the mechanics in her tutorial.  She further explains how rotating in large circles produces a pronounced lentil shape. While small circles yields a flatter disc.  I loved how she used a cane mosaic for the second swirly bead.

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  1. I'm thinking Desiree McCrorey might have come up with it first.

    That's my guess anyway. :0)

  2. think it was Desiree at = she had an early tutorial for this.

    1. Thanks! Looks like you are right if others remember Desiree of Desiredcreations too!

  3. Laura Timmins is the first creator of the swirl technique: Unfortunately Laura often does not get the credit so I wanted to set the record straight! I heard the background story directly from her.

    1. Thanks so much for this Helen. It is very difficult to credit properly after a long time. And people are no longer sure.


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