I can't remember who was the first person who came up with the swirly polymer clay technique.  Perhaps one of you knows? Tell us in the comments. (Update : readers have been quick to point out Desiree's tutorial.  Thanks!)  Here are a couple of tutorials which show how the spiral effect can be achieved. The first one, by The Craft Hacker,  exploits the spiral effect and glitter for a cool galaxy look.

This fun technique does require practice as the perspex plate has to be kept level and the rotation done on the spot and in one direction.

I found Cindy Lietz, a Canadian polymer clay instructor very helpful in explaining the mechanics in her tutorial.  She further explains how rotating in large circles produces a pronounced lentil shape. While small circles yields a flatter disc.  I loved how she used a cane mosaic for the second swirly bead.

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