I have written about wire tree sculptures before. These are fun to make if you like working with wire.  But one artisan creates the wire tree versions as pendants!  The trees are upside down and frameless unlike say, tree of life versions.

 Lythong Art's first tutorial uses gemstone chips. He starts off with showing how to quickly cut and set up the bail part. He uses a lot of wire!! After that, the wire lengths are divided into sections.  The gemstones are added in groups of three using the twisted wire technique.

He doesn't trim or tuck in the wire ends until right at the end.  I don't know about you, but  so many loose ends would annoy me. However, his way is more efficient.  He also demonstrates what to do if for any reason, the wire breaks and your gemstone chip clusters accidentally drops off!!

His second version shows how to create the same kind of tree pendant but without any beads or chips. Cool way to use wire loops!

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