I like my resin rings - they are comfortable to wear as well as colorful.  However, they are limited to whatever I use as molds. Not so with polymer clay.  You can be as creative as your imagination allows!  Shown here are 5 fun polymer clay ring tutorials!  The first one is the snake-like polymer clay ring tutorial by Ludmila Bakulina. 

You will have to watch her tutorial on Youtube.  It is a must see because the ring is adjustable and stretchable! She also includes the instructions on how to make a simple band.

Then there is the adorable Fox Polymer Clay Ring tutorial by LilacSprinkles.  There are all kinds of other animal polymer clay ring tutorials on Youtube and on Deviantart should you be struck by the kawaii (cute) idea!

She used an adjustable ring base as the foundation for her ring. This makes the ring stronger.

Mo Clay's Modernist Polymer Clay Ring tutorial reminds me of Mid-Century Modern style.

Mo Clay's Belt Polymer Clay Ring tutorial is a hoot!

If you have loads of left over poly clay, then check out her fast Swirl Ring tutorial as well.  She uses a piece of glass or perspex to make the swirl. Check out this past tutorial which gives more tips and tricks to making such swirls.

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