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The folks over at TierraCast have been very busy lately. They have expanded their botanical collections.  I received some of them for review.  So onwards to some designing ideas! If you are not familiar with this Californian company, be prepared to be wowed with the quality of their lead free pewter designs. These designs come in a variety of finishes.

Lately, Tierracast has been offering two sided designs so the back of their charms, buttons and other components gives designers options.  You can purchase these from your favorite jewelry supplier or online here.

I thought these were just connectors until I realized they are actually magnetic clasps!  Cool!

The collection that wowed me the most was their new Botanical Birds collection.  Twigs and leaves are used as design elements in the complimentary set.

The tile components are not only holed in all four corners but are also double sided. Designs could be flipped around to change their looks. Or you could use them in alternate fashion to increase design possibilities.

The twig links are too long for bracelets but they could be paired not only with another twig but joined to the tiles for the look of a double strand necklace.

The pendant square had two holes on the upper corners as well as a central opening for the bail.  You could also link a twig connector to the pendant if you have the right sized jump rings. I would add two jump rings to the twig and pass through a necklace chain or leather cord. 

Here is another conventional idea where you use the twigs and leaf beads to link the tiles.

But I was so taken with these bird designs that I thought a simpler approach for both earrings and as a pendant. You could orientate the square tiles in different ways for the earrings!

I used jump rings to link all the sample squares for a mixed metal look.  Extra jump rings extended the focal area until the bracelet was long enough to add a clasp.

As you can see, the first photography attempt didn't quite work!  I had no patience It was too tricky to get the tiles to sit properly.

So I photographed the bracelet flat as well as on bracelet displays. Notice how I alternated the position of each tile so that the extended tails of the birds were on the outside edges?  If not, I could not connect each tile as close as I have here.

I used my iPhone 6S with the Camera+  app. I used natural light as well as the Orangemonkie studio which comes equipped with LED lights - for artificial light photography in my windowless basement studio. The Foldio2 is particularly affordable. I use the Foldio3 because I need the room for tutorial photography. 

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  1. Looks like you had fun designing with these lovely pieces. Great results.

    1. Thanks! I did have fun. It was always good creative exercise to work with just a few of some excellent materials.

  2. These designs are the best I've seen from TierraCast (and I've been a fan for some time). I hope they are very successful and that TierraCast will offer more botanical designs.

    1. I agree totally with you. This is their best collection. Here's hoping they will offer more botanical designs.

  3. These pieces seem to have been made exactly for my jewelry making style! They are gorgeous!

    How exciting is this!

    1. Agreed! Perfect for those who love nature themes.

  4. It is so refreshing when a company comes up with different finding collections and we don't have to use the same ones all over the world :)


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