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A Peek at My Studio | Interview at Cut Out and Keep

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Do you do the mad rush to clean up house when visitors are due? Well, a major reorganization and tidy up happened recently when Cut Out and Keep, a large craft social media site, interviewed me and shared pictures of my studio.  The studio tour was about my inspirations and how I made my space comfortable and organized.  I will expand on this interview here as I can go beyond the questions asked.

As you can imagine, it was a long overdue task - too much stuff!  I discovered some treasures I had forgotten. I put others into more logical boxes and places.  And I even destashed. These items will be going to the Grand River Bead Society's June meeting when there is a garage sale!

I switched to the Foldio3 because I need the room for tutorial photography in windowless basement studio.  (I dedicated my Modahaus TS400 for natural light photography of final projects upstairs).  That freed up my angle poise lamps for my main desk area so I could have concentrated light in addition to overhead lights. It is amazing what difference those lamps make. I pull them down low so the light is not in my eyes yet the work is illuminated.

I do resin work and sanding etc at the secondary desk.  It's where I keep chemicals, varnishes, glues and so on close at hand.  For safety reasons (having spent a whole career working in laboratories), I do not have my cups of tea at this desk!

I sewed up some inexpensive microfiber shower curtains to refurbish the old second hand folding screen I bought. Yes, I have even more boxes of storage behind that screen which is the under stairs area.

I found a secondhand computer desk which matched my IKEA desk and shelves for my Cricut.  Rather than go to the main workshop, I like to use the Dremel workstation which incorporates a light vice.  I can clamp other tools to it too. I move it, or the pasta machine nearer to my main desk whenever I need those tools.

Yup, spring cleaning is well worth doing for an enjoyable space to work in!

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  1. I think it is interesting to see how other people organize their workspaces, so thanks for sharing. I probably have as much stuff as you do, but no dedicated work space, so it is spilling over into several different rooms (my husband is not so happy about that).

    I will be moving my things into an upstairs bedroom when my pet birds pass on (I only have four left; they are quite old but seem to be healthy, so this may be awhile, but they are currently occupying the bedroom). So I am thinking about organization, and looking at pictures helps.

    1. You are not alone. Lots of people love seeing craft room tours like those on Cut Out and Keep : . likely for ideas.

      Lucky you when you do get to move to an upstairs bedroom. The window(s) will give you good natural light.

  2. So fun to see your workspace and even a few shots of you, Pearl! You have done a beautiful job making a no-light basement into a lovely and organized crafting haven. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. I've seen glimpses of this room before and it does look very organized now Pearl.

    I have to note - that bench pin is so pristine looking - still! LOL

    1. Well spotted, Aims! I am not a fan of sawing. Wanted it for cutting coils for jump rings but I end up using an adapter and cutter for my dremel. Much faster!

  4. It's so much fun to see how other people work. You've managed to compartmentalize your different craft tools into logical spaces. I hope I can do as well when I find our next house. I'm currently working in a small room in our temporary apartment. It's chaos! Have you received emails from me this week? I've been having email problems and I'm wondering. Thanks for sharing your creative space!

    1. Hi Gloria, I know how it feels trying to work in temporary space - it took a while for me to get even this studio of mine organized enough to work in. So it was chaos for me too.

      No, I did not get any emails from you this week. So you may have to resend your newsletter.

  5. How did you get up the courage to destash?? I've been working for weeks now to rearrange my work space which doubles as an office. I did, finally, decide yesterday decide to take a stash of unopened books to a resale shop. Since I am cutting back on the amount of kumihimo that I do, I'm still clutching all of the supplied close to my chest. But I need to make room for all my new interests. Oh, what battles are going on in my mind - should I keep it or move it on? Once again you have given me ideas - unfortunately, my problem is getting up my nerve to act on those ideas. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I too hung on to many things - justifying the procrastination with future possibilities. But as you have noted yourself, I had to rationalize and create space for the things I still wanted to do. I prioritized and started to pile up the things I least wanted! Hope this helps!

  6. I love your studio. I also occupy a small area in our basement too. It leads to the the main garage. I have plenty overhead lighting but your other desk lighting is such a good idea as well as your tool caddies! I too miss the natural light, but what do you least we have a space hey��
    Thank you for sharing your creative space with us.

    1. Yeesss! It is so good to have a space of our own. Did you notice that the grey tool caddy is an old dishwasher cutlery rack? When our dishwasher died, I claimed that!