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Kumihimo Tutorial : Braiding around a Core Cord

Pru McRae is a kumihimo jewelry designer with some great tips! There is an easy solution if you are braiding with bigger beads like very round 6/0 and don't like the hollow area formed inside. The braided piece becomes "squishy"!  What Pru shows in her tutorial is how to braid around a cord cord. The result is a solid piece which still retains its flexibility.

Not all beads will cause a problem. But if it does, you know what to do now!

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  1. Interesting. I've made a lot of 6/0 beaded bracelets and am not certain what she means by "squishy". Pru is a great artist and has a lot of original ideas. I follow her work religiously. But in this case, I think the jury is out - at least in my mind. I've not seen the problem that she talks about and think that the addition of the core adds extra work for limited benefit. But I will try it to see if I can see the benefit.

    1. So have I and there is definitely a squish factor especially if the cord you use is thin and soft. For example, a medium macrame cord and 6/0 beads is not as rigid as crochet cotton #5 with 6/0 beads. It is not a huge problem so can be ignored if one is not too particular about it.

  2. I am interested in doing a kumihimo braid around a 1/2" rope core. I plan on using a 7 oz mohair yarn. Do you have an idea how many warps I'd need and any other hints ? Thank for your time.


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