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Use Head Pins and Metal Components to Jazz Up a Donut Pendant

I've often said we should use jewelry making components in new ways. These do not have to be used in the way they were made for.  Yvonne Williams demonstrated this well with her simple tutorial on how she wired a metal connector to a donut bead. She used long head pins for the wiring.

wired metal component on donut tutorial

The result is a unique combination, one which adds color too!

I've used the same concept in some of my past designs. You may remember this tagua bead hoop earrings design from my past Ecuadorian Hands posts.  All I did was to bend small brass discs so that their holes aligned with the tagua bead holes. I could then slip the head pins through and completed the wrap loop at the top after adding a few beads.

Several years ago, I used vintage filigree components to wrap around colored beads and crystals. Below is an example ( a bit blurry because it was with a very old camera). Check this past post on How to Make Easy Filigree Wrap Pendants and Rings to see some tutorials.

See more of my ideas below:

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  1. One of the reasons I have donuts sitting around is always not coming up with a suitable way of hanging them.

    Now I hope I remember this (this time) when I look at my donuts....

  2. I love Yvonne Williams. I watch her almost everyday and she has opened my eyes to different ways to be creative and to think better of myself. she is a treasure. I'm so glad you featured her.

    Everyone should go take a good at her FB page, her YOU TUBE videos and all her other sites. She is worth your time.


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