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Alcohol Ink and Polymer Clay Earrings Domed with a Spoon!

I'm used to doming in metal work.  But you can also dome in polymer clay work.  Gloria Uhler of Domestic Diva-Online domes with a spoon!  Check out her alcohol ink and polymer clay earrings tutorial.  Really pretty upside down tear drop shapes!

I really like the way alcohol inks are added and dabbed around on the polymer clay.  Much easier than using the inks in resin - the latter can be unpredictable!

This could be fun with translucent polymer clay too.

You can either purchase alcohol inks or attempt the DIY version!

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  1. Great tutorial. What a great idea to use the spoon! The resulting shape is wonderful and of course my mind is going in all directions on how to use it.

    The only thing I'd do differently is spritz the spoon with water before pressing the clay into it so that it releases easily.

    1. Thanks for sharing the water trick! Will have to remember that when I use a mold like a spoon.

    2. Aims;
      Thank you for your comments and for viewing my project. I generally dip my small projects in water to cool after baking. I didn't mention that in my Tute but I will go back and include that. The cold dip takes only minutes and allows the clay to pop off the spoon without any prying. It also results in a very glossy finish after buffing.

  2. this is the best website ever, for jewelry making enthusiasts, i love this website, thank you beading gem, for putting all these great things in one place, your great. i make wire jewelery, but before that i learned to make beaded jewelry, and i just love it, shortly after that i found your site, and ive been a fan ever since your content is amazing, and i learn more every time i visit, your site. Laura

    1. Aw, shucks, Laura. Thanks for your kind words. My goal is always to inspire and to share the best tips.


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