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Etched, Engraved and Textured Aluminium Jewelry by 13AlGiorelli

Tommaso and Flavio Tossiani of 13AlGiorelli are the  Italian creators and makers -of etched, engraved and textured aluminum jewelry.  The 13Al in the shop name gives away their specialty as aluminum is the 13th element in the periodic table!   These metalsmiths show how beautiful aluminum can be - it is a great substitute for silver.

They have created unique designs on aluminum using different techniques. The pendant above was etched.  I also loved their textured pieces including their riveted rings:

Engraving is another technique they use.

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  1. You're right, Pearl. They certainly do make some charming and striking jewelry. And who would think that it's aluminum. How do you find people like this? I'm always amazed.

    1. Aluminum is underused in my opinion! How do I find them? I hunt for outstanding designers on various marketplaces, blogs, social media. In short, many places!!

  2. Hello Pearl -

    Very nice aluminum designs. I also think aluminum is under used. Not only is it less expensive, it's lightweight which is an enormous advantage in jewelry, especially in necklaces.

    You do such an excellent job of finding a wide variety of techniques, media, designs, etc. and artists from all over the world. That's why I enjoy The Beading Gem Journal so much.

    1. Thanks Lynn for your feedback and kind words. It is this kind of invaluable response which lets me know to continue to what I do. There is so much online today that curation of the most inspirational is sometimes tough.

  3. These are really beautiful designs, love the textures. I have only used used aluminum wire that is too soft and doesn't work with every design. But it doesn't oxidize and I love that!


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